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Montis joins the International Securities Services Association

Brings focus on dFMI for post-trade efficiency gains

Montis Group Limited (Montis), the digital Financial Markets Infrastructure (dFMI) subsidiary of the Archax Group (Archax), has joined The International Securities Services Association (ISSA) – the global industry body focused on progressive solutions to mitigate risk, improve efficiency and effectiveness from issuer to investor.

Montis is currently building digitally native, blockchain-based, post-trade financial markets infrastructure to enable regulated digital securities to reach their full potential. The Montis solution will serve the Archax FCA-regulated digital securities exchange, broker, and custodian, as well as the wider digital asset marketplace around the world. Montis has recently submitted its Central Securities Depositary (CSD) authorisation application in Luxembourg to provide the services required to record, trade, hold, transfer, and settle natively-digital and non-native tokenised securities, alongside conventional securities, on innovative blockchain technology.

Montis has joined the ISSA DLT Working Group and will coordinate participation on behalf Archax Holdings Ltd which has also joined the ISSA.

Martin Watkins, CEO of Montis Group, comments:

“Montis and Archax embrace the new paradigm shift to digital in global financial markets and are establishing the infrastructure and services required to support the trading, custody, and settlement of MiFID-compliant digital securities, using Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)”.

“We are keen to actively participate in industry discussions and collaboration through ISSA, so that we contribute to the positive change that can arise from the adoption of blockchain and digital securities, as well as the application of innovative technology to support improving efficiency gains across the global securities value chain, particularly in post-trade”,

concludes Watkins.

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